Your Property Rights and The Weaponization Of Climate Change.

September 16, 2023

by roobs

With keynote speaker, Professor Ian Plimer.

Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. 13th September, 2023.

Be Aware – Legislation is targeting our properties.

Speakers from property backgrounds and scientists will expose the threats to our rights by the weaponizing of climate change. Eg, Renewable Energy Hubs, Vegetation Management Acts, “Sustainable Development, Fees, Fines, …the list goes on. The undermining of our financial security is relentless!

And it’s all courtesy of politicians. Who did you elect and what did they vote for in government?

Who will you vote for you next time?

This event is jointly presented by:

Voting Matters –
Property Rights Australia –
Climate and Energy Realists Queensland –
Property Club –
Connor Court Publishing –

The first speaker of the night is David Denham. David’s a practicing architect with a passion for the environment and for energy efficient construction. Dismayed at the fabricated and unscientific premises of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, he has studied every aspect of this false ideology for over 26 years. He is a founding member of the growing Climate and Energy Realists Queensland Group and over the last 5 years has written many science based opinion pieces and has lectured various groups about the subject.

In this presentation David talks about the horrors of wind turbines, the mad rush to net zero is a furphy, huge transmission lines ploughing through people’s properties and the devastating effects of Bisphenal A. The Globalists are Destroying the planet to Save it.

The 2nd speaker of the night is Jim Willmot. Jim is a Farmer and long term defender of the rights of Regional communities. Inspired by his love of rural Queensland, Jim has led many successful inititiaves protecting the rights of farmers and their properties.

Jim now leads Property Rights Australia, a grass roots organisation that supports local communities whose property rights are under threat and whose voices are not being heard.

With an impressive 25 year career in real estate, Nick Lockhart is an acknowledged expert in property, finance and self managed superannuation. Nick is the Author of the ‘Essential Guide to Smart Property Investment’, and he emphasises a business-oriented approach to real estate.

For insightful and actionable advice on real estate, listen closely to Nick Lockhart.

Lt. Col. Kevin Loughrey graduated with honours from RMC Duntroon in 1972 with Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He married his wife Janice, at RMC Chapel and together they have 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren. They settled near Ballina in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Kevin’s got too many qualifications and acheivements to list in this short description. This great man is gravely concerned for our country’s future and that of our children. He’s heavily involved in politics, having ran as an Independent at the last NSW State Election, previously for local council, and is considering running for the Seat of Richmond at the next Federal Election.

Please check out his website –

The Keynote Speaker for this event, and the man we’ve all been waiting to hear from is Professor Ian Plimer.

Prof. Plimer is a vastly well credentialed Geologist who has won many awards, including The Centenary Medal, Australian Government and The Clarke Medal, Royal Society of NSW.

If there’s one word that would best describe Professor Plimer, it is Outspoken. Ian has been on the front line of the battle with mainstream views on their favourite misinformation term, “climate change”

Now he’s written some Children’s books, designed at helping kids, teenagers and young adults comprehend the reality of the ‘climate change agenda’ being forced down their throats by the education system, mainstream media, woke peer pressure and a marxist government.

Get your copies of Professor Plimer’s excellent books here:

Little Green Book For Ankle Biters ––For-Ankle-Biters–Ian-Plimer_p_552.html

Little Green Book For Teenagers ––For-Teens–Ian-Plimer_p_553.html

Please enjoy this very informative, entertaining and funny presentation by Professor Ian Plimer.

That concludes the night’s festivities, thank you very much to everyone who attended and the venue for hosting us.

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