The Impact of Renewable Energy Projects On The Natural Environment – By Steven Nowakowski.

April 19, 2024

by roobs

Renowned Wildlife Photographer, Videographer and Conservationist Steven Nowakowski presents…..

“The Impact of Renewable Energy Projects On The Natural Environment”

Held at Southport Bowls Club on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.

16th April, 2024.

Some of the points Steven covers in this excellent presentation include:

  • 90 – 100 metre long wind turbine blades weighing 20 tonnes each.
  • Centre gearboxes for the turbines weigh 300 tonnes.
  • 800m3 of reinforced concrete makes up one wind turbine base.
  • 3224 wind turbines are proposed for Qld.
  • 275 metre high turbines require aviation lights, ruining the natural night sky for residents in affected areas.
  • 2 million solar panels at 5 metres wide each proposed for the Upper Calliope valley near Gladstone, Qld.
  • Renewable energy projects proposed for Australia are 6 times the size of Tasmania.
  • The Federal Govt has signed off on legislation to meet net zero emission targets In Australia that will cost $1.5 Trillion by 2030, and $6 – $9 Trillion by 2060.
  • Wind farms are exempt in Qld from the Vegetation Management Act.
  • Blowing off mountain tops, clearing forest for ‘green energy’ creates an industrial wasteland.
  • A complete nightmare, complete desecration.
  • I was misled on nuclear energy.

Steven asks…..

1) Should we be clearing and fragmenting forests for renewables?

2) Are we going down the wrong path that has failed eleswhere?

3) Where is the model for 100% renewables?

4) Which countries are carbon free?

Brought to you by The Climate and Energy Realists Queensland.

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