Woke Agenda in schools and making kids feel guilty…child abuse by the Qld Education System.

April 16, 2024

by roobs

This was sent to me by a concerned Mum who has a child in year 6 at a local school on the Gold Coast, and it is not a public school, it is a Catholic school. Private schools are not immune from this nonsense.

Yet another reason to home school your kids, they keep pushing and pushing this woke agenda despite almost 70% of voters saying NO to this in QLD at the Voice To Parliament Referendum last October.

“Year 6 will investigate ‘Sorry Day’, the ‘Stolen Generation’ and the importance of revitalising our First Nations culture. Students will be creating a Digital Arts poster on what they think and feel our government should say sorry for. In addition, they will dramatise an interview with a First Nations person or our current or Prime Minister on the same issue”

First of all, if you have a child being taught this garbage, advise them to tell the class, and in particular the teacher, our government should say sorry for constantly pushing this crap down our throats.

And secondly, Children should not be made to feel guilty about something they had absolutely nothing to do with. That is unacceptable and essentially child abuse from the education system.

And last of all, didn’t former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd already say sorry to the “First Nations” people on our behalf?

How many times does one have to apologise before it is accepted?

I feel it is time we created a parents group to fight back against this brainwashing mind control of our kids. If you agree send me an email [email protected] and we’ll start putting something together.

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