September 22, 2023

by roobs


Folks, Excellent News 📣

We have reached our target of $1500 for the Truth Plane.

Starting on 12-9-23 we put the call out, and ten days later we’ve achieved our goal. Excellent Work and We want to sincerely Thank each and every beautiful Aussie Patriot that has donated to this cause. And even those that couldn’t but shared the initiative around. Every bit matters in this fight.

BONUS FLIGHT – We also have a 2nd flight as well, paid for in full by one outstanding individual who wishes to remain anonymous. No accolades, just get it done.

Ok, here are the dates for the Truth Plane:

Bonus Flight – Saturday 7th October – Northern NSW to Main Beach – Times TBA – Banner “It’s OK To Vote NO”

Main Flight – Sunday 8th October – Northern NSW to Brisbane (Mt Cootha) – Times TBA – Banner “Vote NO To Division”

In the coming days we will be providing the times and best locations and vantage points to see the Truth Plane in action. This will also be a weather permitting event, it could change at the last moment so please keep an eye on our channels for updates.

I would like encourage everyone across the Continent to try and source a pilot in your area to do a similar exercise, and if I hear of any flyers in other States I’ll let everyone know. We’re trying but they’re not in the Yellow Pages.

But wait, that’s not it…….there’s more, I was talking to the Truth Plane Pilot this morning and I asked him if he’d be willing to do a third flight if we can raise the required funds and he said,
“Hell yeah, the more the merrier”…. so this isn’t over folks. And we’d love to do the Sunshine Coast and as far North and South into NSW as we can. So we’re still taking donations to see if we can get a 3rd flight, and if we don’t get the required funds any $$ will be refunded. Send an email to if you want to help make another flight happen.

I believe there may be a separate group funding a Flight near Byron Bay and The Richmond Shire as well, but that’s not confirmed yet.

This is gonna be Epic, so make sure you get your cameras batteries charged ⚡️ for this one, and stay tuned to our channels for details.


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