The Northern Rivers Free State Movement – Eureka, NSW. 3rd June, 2023.

June 7, 2023

by roobs

The creation of a new state within Australia;
The Northern Rivers Free State.

From the Sydney Morning Herald, January 5, 2005.

It may not be commonly known
in Australia that there has existed a
movement , since even before the time
of Federation, to increase the numbers
of colonies and States here.
In the 1840’s and 1850’s John
Dunmore Lang was agitating for
Victoria and Queensland to be separated
from the colony of New South Wales.
Also the Australian Commonwealth
Constitution,which came into effect in
1901, was crafted around the idea that
there would be new states and the father
of Federation Sir Henry Parkes once
“As a matter of reason and logical
forecast, it cannot be doubted that if the
Union were inaugurated with double the
number of present colonies, the growth
and prosperity of all would be absolutely
In 1935 the New South Wales
Nicholson Royal Commission
recommended the boundaries for three
new States within New South Wales,
including a northern one that also
contained Newcastle.
There was a New England New State
movement pioneered by Ulrich Ellis and
it was a powerful force.
The leader of the Country Party Sir
Earle Page dreamed that his own town of Grafton would become the capital
of a great new State in Northern New
South Wales.
In 1953 twenty one Councils in the
North of the State defied the State
government and held an unofficial
referendum on the issue of the New
The yes vote was carried by margins
varying from 69-87%.
In 1967 an official referendum in the
Northern area was finally held for the
New England State and was narrowly
defeated by a 54% no vote.
The New South Wales Farmers
Association in 2004 resolved at their
annual conference ; that the association
explore the possibility of forming a non
metropolitan State and established a
task force to research the possibility.
Tony Windsor the former independent
MP for New England said that “farmers
feel alienated by the city/ country divide,
their voices are not heard by Macquarie
St, the overwhelming majority of the
population live in Sydney.”
N.S.W. means Newcastle, Sydney and
Poor returns to regional areas from
the districts tax contribution, forced
Council amalgamations and the closure
of rail lines have hardened their mood.

Former bureaucrat Ian Johnson
has stated that only 70 cents in each
tax dollar raised makes it back to the
region in government spending, and the
current system costs the region jobs.
Bryan Page a senior Law lecturer at
UNE Armidale has called for a new
Royal Commission on the feasibility of
new States.
• Creating up to 20 new States would
deliver government that was much
closer to the people.
• Australia is widely regarded as the
most performed democracy in the
• There are too many high ranking
6 figure salaried government jobs
sucking up billions.
Famous historian Geoffrey Blainey has
said “that for a land this size we do not
have enough States and thus miss out on
the advantages of federalism”.
So now we residents of the Northern
Rivers Region find it more important
than ever to seek control of our own
political destiny; basing this endeavor
on the lawful Constitutional
framework and efforts of those who
have gone before us.
We are responding to the fact that
our liberty, freedom of movement and
thought, bodily integrity and our very
future have been grievously impaired
and threatened by the current system.

*EDIT – DEVELOPMENTS 11th June, 2023:

Some very positive news from the last few days:

Firstly I was sent a video from Param Vijayate across the ditch in NZ, the former land of the long horse face. Param has been very active and successful in fighting the globalists in New Zealand, and he has a message of support for the Northern Rivers Free State Movement. Watch here –


Thank you Param, that was very uplifting and encouraging, Hare Krisna.

Also, we’ve made the Cairns News!

I was contacted last week and asked to provide some information about our movement for an article in the Cairns News, and our friend Tony came through with a well written, very well researched article, see here –

Thank you very much Tony for your excellent work, it was put together brilliantly and perfectly sums up the situation. Subscribe here –

Then, yesterday I was contacted by another good guy in Cairns who is involved in an initiative for Far North Qld to become a new State!

We aren’t the only ones doing this guys, it’s awesome. FNQ and the Northern Rivers Region have a lot in common and I feel like we have a kinship between the two areas. Both are beautiful areas surrounded by rainforests, mountains and beaches, and both heaps of have Freedom Loving people in them. 

I am going to be doing a radio interview with our new mate from Cairns on Saturday morning, please standby for the details of that. I will post it on our channels and send out an email.

The Northern Rivers Free State Movement.

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