Roobs Flyer Of The Month Causes A Stir!

July 21, 2023

by roobs

Mainstream Media and Woke Leftist Pinko Commie Rags.

It seems the ABC have gotten a copy of my flyer of the month. And they don’t like it.

On Tuesday 18-6-23 I received a phone call by a reporter called Pat McGrath from the ABC, and he was concerned about our flyer of the month –

The contention is an image used on the flyer, and because the flyer has not been “authorised”. As the referendum is being conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission, they believe my flyers to be electoral material.

Firstly, the image. The image in question is on the obverse side of the flyer, at the bottom, it is in the style of Aboriginal painting and It features Ayers Rock with two kangaroos in front of it, with the words ‘VOTE NO’ on it. I found this image on Facebook. To me, it looked like a meme. A generic image that somebody had turned into a meme, that everybody is sharing and making their profile pics, etc. I used it because I thought it would look good on the flyer and make a statement. And it does.
The problem is, and I was unaware of this until Tuesday when Pat from the ABC called me, it is an actual painting by an artist named Danny Eastwood, and he’s upset that it is being used for this purpose. Ok, fair enough. I wouldn’t want my content to be manipulated in a way I didn’t like and I apologise to Mr Eastwood if this has caused him any offense. We will not use that image again on any of our material. And besides, there’s no lack of other images we can use. All good.

The second issue is the flyer is apparently supposed to be ‘authorised’ because it is supposedly ‘election’ material as it pertains to the referendum. I have been now contacted by The Australian Electoral Commission and informed I am in breach of the Electoral Act because it is not authorised.

After being informed of this it is my intention to authorise these flyers.

Here’s the article from the ABC – 

They also posted it on their Facebook page here –

But they have turned off the comments and deleted quite a few comments that were in support of my flyers.

See video below

Then on the 20th july 2023, I was interviewed by Pat McGrath from the ABC. They ran a story on it on the 7 O’Clock news that night. I don’t know why they bothered, they only used not even 30 seconds of an 8 minute interview. But I enjoyed it very much, thank you to Pat and Steve the Cameraman for the interview.

Below is what the ABC ran with and our full unedited footage of the interview.

Note* I had an earpiece in and you cannot hear the reporter asking the questions, so I put subtitles of his questions on screen.

Here’s another one , I did not know about this one. The scribe from this woke leftist pinko commie rag called ‘The New Daily’ claims I didn’t respond to his request for an interview, but I never heard from him, he never contacted me. So he’s lying.
And, he got Mr Eastwood’s name wrong, called him Danny Edwards. Just goes to show the effort he put into making me look bad and forgot or was ignorant to the real issue of the story by getting a very important character of the story’s name wrong. Nice one.

I’m not far right, just right so far.

Thank you for showing me this.

One thing both these news agencies are obsessed with is my affiliation with One Nation. Especially the Pinko Commie Rag ‘New Daily’, who photoshopped my handsome face over a One Nation Background for their article thumbnail.

The only affiliation I have with One Nation is my friend Sandy ran for the seat of Fadden in the recent By-Election there, and did very well too, improving her overall vote from the 2022 Federal Election when she ran in Fadden. This despite nearly one third of the electorate not bothering to vote. I volunteered to help Sandy and just because I am a volunteer does not mean I am a member of a political party. Last year at the Federal Election I volunteered for the Liberal Democrats. And One Nation does not have anything to do with designing, printing and distributing these flyers, Roobs Flyers does.

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