Roobs Flyer Magazine 1st Anniversary Bash!

March 7, 2023

by Aussie Roobs

Roobs Flyer Magazine is turning one year old next week!

And we’re gonna celebrate by having a party. All are welcome.

See the Flyer for deets. Next Wed night at Grounded in Miami.

Also, we’re having a T Shirt sale!

Navy Blue ‘Nothing Can Stop The Great Awakening Of Humanity’ in all sizes except SMALL. $35 each or 2 for $65.

White ‘The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along’ in all sizes. $35 each or 2 for $65.

And the popular Black ladies shirts ‘I Only Date Conspiracy Theorists’ in all sizes.

$40 each.

Note; we have four of the ladies shirts left in sizes 10, 12 (x2) and 14. But we are now getting them printed in unisex sizes of SM/M/L/XL/XXL so the blokes can wear em too.


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