Nurse DJ speaks at Gold Coast Action. 19th February, 2023.

February 22, 2023

by roobs

Nurse DJ at Gold Coast Action. 19th February, 2023.

Debbie Jane Harris. Registered Nurse of 30 years, with considerable time at the Gold Coast Hospital emergency and intensive care department, forced out of her career because she couldn’t unsee, what she saw. She is THE only nurse on the Gold Coast speaking out. All her former colleagues have shunned her.

She speaks of conflicting messages going out to the public, the system being broken way before covid, people reluctant to see their G.P.’s, and being told by her peers ‘not to do her own research’

But Debbie doesn’t dwell on the past, she wants to be part of the change, part of the solution.

Stress alters our chemistry and fear lowers our immune system, creates dis-ease and causes acidity.

The programming affects our well-being. We’ve all been through grief and judgement of our free decisions. But it’s time to love one another, support on one another and not rely on things out of our control.

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