Mainstream Media Lie and Deceive – Farmers Under Threat From Massive Wind Turbine Farms. Australia.

March 10, 2024

by roobs

When the ABC deceive the public, here is the real story from the farmer.

Mainstream media propaganda current affairs show ‘The 730 Report’ interviewed this farmer about his concerns of ‘renewable’ energy Wind Farms in the Central West of NSW.

This is what they didn’t put to air, the real story.

  • Each wind turbine has 2000 tonnes of concrete in its base.
  • Each wind turbine has 600 tonnes of steel in its tower (not including the reinforced steel in the concrete base).
  • Each wind turbine blade contains unknown amount of carbon fibre and epoxy and coated in Bisphenol A (BPA) which is extremely toxic to humans, animals and the environment, and degrades over time, leaching into the surrounding areas.
  • These wind turbines produce unknown effects on stock fertility.
  • These wind turbines are an impediment to food production.
  • These wind turbines produce bugger all power.
  • Twiggy Forest (mining “doctor”) is involved, as always.
  • Any compensation to farmers is minimal and does not come anywhere near helping the situation.
  • Concerns for future generations.

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