Corrosive Hatred – Enemies of Australia, and themselves.

January 27, 2024

by roobs

Well, we’ve entered another year on the Globalist Gregorian Calendar and isn’t it exciting?!

Great time to be alive folks, but you wouldn’t know it going by the actions of some of our Countrymen. Get ready for a rant cause I feel like a good rant.

Unless you’ve been living in a Zionist Tunnel, you would’ve seen, yet again, the absolute nonsense surrounding the date of our National Holiday. January 26th. Every year it pops up, and every year it gets worse. 

Now, whether or not you support the date in my opinion, is irrelevant. It will always be January 26th to most Aussies, regardless of if it is officially changed. What is highly relevant is the twisting and re-writing of our history. According to all these Woke White Black Fellas, Capt Cook is responsible for single handedly machine gunning every single Aborigine within sight of the decks of The Endeavour!

And he’s the most evil Colonialist ever to come out of the Admiralty, and he’s personally responsible for genociding every “Indigenous” person in the Pacific. 

But let’s just back up for a sec…beep beep beep. Lieutenant James Cook, as he was in 1770, never actually colonised anything. He was tasked to charter the East Coast of Australia, and I reckon he did a bloody good job. He named many of our iconic mountains and rivers and other landmarks, and I know this because I learnt it in school, BEFORE, the education system in Australia was as woke and corrupted as it is now. I’m talking early 1980’s.

We used to learn all this stuff, and it wasn’t glorified. But nor was it pushed on us as a guilt trip to make us feel bad for being white. It was just our history, and those that ignore it are doomed to repeat it. We need to turn this toxic situation around, and fast. 

^ Dead Colonisers Harm No One – A flyer on a self hating woke white black fella instagram page

Then you’ve got Cricket Australia coming out and basically denouncing Australia Day, with the Capt and Vice Captain fully supporting the woke agenda. We must be the absolute laughing stock of the world at the moment. These idiots are supposed to be our National Ambassadors. What must other countries think of us when we can’t even support our own National Holiday?

The irony of all this is that if it wasn’t for British “colonisation”, there would be no cricket in Australia. Indeed, our first ever cricket team was all Aboriginal.

The Capt of the Australian Cricket Team, used to be, a highly coveted and respected position, but this current lot have totally botched that up. Look, if I wanted a political opinion from someone who chases a ball for a living, I’d ask my dog.

^ Cricket then

^ Cricket now

^ Our first ever cricket team in 1968 toured England. All Aboriginal.

Getting back to Cook for a sec, I found this: “Cooked Concepts”

They sell merch, t-shirts, stickers, coffee mugs etc.

They have a Valentines Day shirt that celebrates “Killing Colonialists”, the description reads;

“Why can’t every day be Valentines Day, the day when Captain Cook landed in Hawaii, got fresh with the Native Hawaiians so they killed him. Too bad, so sad. Pure black soft cotton tee with our beautiful artwork screen-printed on the front. Decolonisation but make it farshun baby!”

Here’s the link – 

^I’d have the cops and the feds on my arse straight away if I promoted killing people. Seems these guys get away with it.

If I did something like this, I would have the The Govt, The AFP, The QPS, The ADF et al, storming my house and arresting me as a domestic terrorist. But it seems those ungrateful pieces of white woke garbage who hate us, our country and themselves seem to have carte blanche to threaten us and stack pure unadulterated hate speech on us. Even going as far as openly stating they want to kill us. And it’s not just white people they hate, it’s everyone and especially themselves.

Because what you put out in life is a reflection of yourself, and it all comes back to you eventually…in spades. It’s called Karma.

And I’ll also point out that it is not true Aborigines doing this, it is those gutter rats that are mostly Caucasian, but may have a smidgin of black fulla in them. Or none at all, and they hate everything about themselves so much that they have to have someone to blame for their own failures in life.

You know the ones I’m talking about?

Not real Aborigines but the White Woke Black Fulla Brigade. Many people in the “Freedom Movement” also believe this bullshit.

By the way, We voted NO. If you don’t like our Country, which is also your Country, let us know and we’ll help you pack your bags and give you a lift to the airport. We’ll even chip in and buy the one way ticket for you.

Yes, this whole Capt Cook thing is utterly ridiculous. The “colonisation” they are referring to stems from the arrival of the First Fleet under Capt Arthur Phillip. Which occurred 18 years later in 1788. You may remember, if you’re old enough and not woke, we celebrated a Bicentennial about this in 1988.

They call it Invasion Day, not withstanding the fact that there was no country to invade in 1788, linking it to Cook and insinuating that he “invaded” and colonised Australia is just pure delusion. 

So yeah, if you’re of the belief that colonisation is bad, perhaps it’s time for you to throw off the shackles, strip of your clothes and go and live in the bush. Australia will still be here if you change your mind.


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