Cairns Regional Council Murders Thousands of Barramundi.

December 22, 2023

by Aussie Roobs

The Copperlode Barra Kill

This is infuriating. Copperlode Fish and Kayak was established by a local couple in Cairns back in 2014 to provide a recreational use of Lake Morris for the public, at the behest of Cairns Regional Council.

They have stocked the dam with heaps of Barra, and even designed and engineered a safe, impoundment net which stops fish going over the spillway during floods. All this is at their own expense with no funding from ratepayers.

Now, because of the actions of the same council that called for tenders for this initiative in the first place, Copperlode Fish and Kayak will have to start all over again, and hundreds if not thousands of Barra are dead.

Councils kill another small business. Unbelievable. There was no need to remove the net, it is built to allow debris flow and has fail safe systems in place. The dam wall was never under threat.

See post copied from FB:

” As predicted a large unnecessary fish kill has occurred in freshwater creek  from the dam wall all the way to the mouth of freshwater creek as a result of Cairns regional council removing the engineered designed, fit for purpose spillway net at Copperlode Dam.
Please report first to the pollution hotline 1300130372 option 2.
Please also feel free to voice your concern to your local council member using the link below. “

Copperlode Dam –,145.6711921,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x697862d3e545543f:0xb760e0df2cf9f962!8m2!3d-16.9795532!4d145.673767!16s%2Fg%2F11c6ptmnhb?entry=ttu

^^ Copperlode Dam is Cairns town water supply, seen here gently spilling over the spillway into Freshwater Creek. You can imagine it is a raging torrent during a flood and fish don’t stand a chance going over the falls, getting smashed multiple times on two concrete ledges and then into rocks at the base of the spillway.

Please support Copperlode Fish and Kayak –


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