“Sports Diplomacy”….more bread and circuses at the taxpayers expense.

May 30, 2024

by Aussie Roobs

The Albonazi government has just announced $600 million Aussie taxpayers dollars will be spent on a new National Rugby League team in Papua New Guinea.

I don’t know about you folks, but I never got the memo about my taxes being spent on the bread and circus show known as professional sport.


And why is Defence Minister Richard Marles involved with this?

Apparently Richard Marles wants a PNG side in the National Rugby League competition before China does. As far as I know they do not play Rugba League in China.

Sports diplomacy, mmm. Albo reckons it’s a “done deal”, but the only done deal I care about is ridding our country of the current governments, both the left and the right of it because they are both two butt cheeks of the same arsehole, and they hold The People of this country in complete disdain.

It’s well past overdue we show them the same regard they hold for us.

Regardless of if you follow the bread and circus show, this country is suffering a massive cost of living crisis courtesy of decades of corrupt government, and I object with every fibre of my being to my hard earned (stolen) taxes being used for this crap. You should too.

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