Have you heard of the Emily James Trio?

You have now. The Emily James Trio perform Live in Brisbane. NO Digital ID Rally in Brisbane, Qld, Australia. 5th May, 2024. 1st song, The Lucky Country. 2nd song, Don’t Welcome Me To Own Country. 3rd song, We Ain’t Moving. Interview with Emily (Vocals) and James (Guitar)…unfortunately James the Drummer wasn’t there. We’ll catch up […]

The Impact of Renewable Energy Projects On The Natural Environment – By Steven Nowakowski.

Renowned Wildlife Photographer, Videographer and Conservationist Steven Nowakowski presents….. “The Impact of Renewable Energy Projects On The Natural Environment” Held at Southport Bowls Club on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia. 16th April, 2024. Some of the points Steven covers in this excellent presentation include: Steven asks….. 1) Should we be clearing and fragmenting forests for […]

The BOBB – An Alternative Medium of Exchange for Communities.

BOBB Is Welcome Here! The problem the community faces. Why is this a problem? Cards and electronic payments for either shopping online or in person at local businesses to buy essential goods and services require two conditions for transactions to be able to occur. These are: Without these two critical elements digital payments cannot be […]

Interview With The Conspiracy Music Guru.

Alex Michael – AKA The Conspiracy Music Guru, is a very talented musician who exposes the world’s many deceptions with lyrics that inform and teach. He’s also an author, having published a range of Children’s books, for all ages, designed to help open your mind, and question everything. As well as all that, he’s a […]


T-SHIRT SALE $20 EACH (Inc shipping within Australia) ^ Navy Blue – “Nothing Can Stop The Great Awakening Of Humanity” Sizes available M / L / XLQty available 5 / 4 / 2 Get em here – https://aussieflyers.com/product/nothing-can-stop-the-great-awakening-of-humanity-navy-blue-t-shirt ^ White – “The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along” Sizes available S / M / L […]

Private home ownership under imminent threat.

MANAGED RETREAT By Kate Mason Private home ownership under imminent threat in Greater Sydney and parts of NSW, and New Zealand Coming to an area near you soon. Recently, I was listening to an interview on Reality Check Radio with New Zealander Salima Padamsey from Coastal Rate Payers Union. Salima was speaking about managed retreat, […]


The modern environment is saturated with Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) Common causes are satellites, phone towers, mobile phones, WIFI, computers, smart home devices. EMF Busters Australia provides professional testing, safety planning and mitigation technology. If you are concerned about the effects that Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) have on people, animals and our environment, this is a video […]


You’re depriving small business of income, stifling graphic designers original creativity and making globalist pigs richer. Do you use Canva to create flyers, posters, stickers and other graphic designs? If so, you might wanna think twice about it. Especially if you’re “awake”. Canva was created by an Australian woman, Melanie Perkins. She is Australia’s 2nd […]